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Hotel Continental "Babyfriendly"

Welcome to Tortoreto

TORTORETO BABY FRIENDLY is a project conceived by the Association of Hoteliers in Tortoreto to celebrate the natural vocation of the city, ideal for families holidaying with children, rewarded by a team of specialists with the Green Flag Pediatric (which identifies the best Italian beaches for children) and certified by the European Blue Flag for twenty years.

Our structure adheres to the project with the desire to provide more and better services to small holiday guests, ensuring their well-being and fun until the beach with safe spaces and equipment suitable for the maximum relax even Mom and Dad.

For 2017, the allocation of accommodation includes:

  • cot with the banks for small children up to 2 years;
  • meals for children under the age of two years for those with food;
  • high chairs at the restaurant for those who have food;
  • Changing public services;
  • parquet games in accommodation and / or at the beach;
  • bicycles with seat for children.

At the Hotel Continental you will find these services and more!

Our mascot Marina, the cute little mermaid arrived in Tortoreto so long ago, is the fictional character created to entertain children during their time with music, choreography, colorful graphics and gadgets around the city.

Marina's history. Children's little mermaid

Our mascot Marina, the nice little mermaid landed a long time ago to Tortoreto, is the fantastic character conceived for amusing around the small ones during their permanence with music, choreography, gadget and colored graphics in the whole city.


ot a long time ago, in a warm evening in summer illuminated by the full moon, a sweet and little mermaid named Marina played among the waves of our sea with the shells and of the curious small crabs that had a good time tickling her tail.

While she was happily playing with a small polyp, she was attracted by the lights of the coast and by the laughters of some children that played, they danced and they sang with their mothers and their dads in the beaches resort.

"How much joy and how delicious perfumes" Marina said while she was looking at a restaurant on the sea. "I want to see that it happens down there."

She slowly drew near to the coast and she arrived on the beach. A child saw her and said amazed to his friends: "Look. A little mermaid!" All the children went toward Marina, happy and curious.

Then the mermaids exist!", one exclaimed of them. "Sure!". Marina answered. "But not all are able to see us. Just who believes in the magic of the dreams!"

Marina, had a good time by so much attention, she told then her fantastic adventures with the her friends little fishes, and children told her all the beautiful things of their vacation to Tortoreto, the games, the walks, the parties and the music. Marina understood because children were so happy and since then, she returned to Tortoreto every time that she was able.

Every evening of full moon, still today, Marina returns to find children in vacation in our city.

"The Little Mermaid Marine is a registered trademark of the Hoteliers and Tour Operators Tortoreto (all rights reserved)."